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Beaches at Sunshine coast shines with quadcopters on air

Since decades, adventure enthusiasts have been wearing cameras to capture their moves. Coming to present times, GoPro cameras are all time favorites for adventure lovers and athletes of all types. The most common factor that played the most significant role behind their popularity is that the cameras are compact enough to fit in their palms allowing easy shoot of their swift and heart throbbing moves. But what about peoples who are not so adventure enthusiasts but love shooting videos and capture some really awesome adventure actions. Well no worries as they have all reasons to be happy as quad copters shoot some really fascinating video at the beaches of Sunshine Coast!

GoPro Hero 3 was one of the two cameras that have been installed under a remote controlled quad copter. Speaking of the consequent are some really stunning videos and pictures. Coming to second one, it is the high definition canon handycam that was installed underneath the quad copter. The main device that made all this possible is the DJI Phantom quadcopter.

DJI Phantom quadcopter ranges among the most affordable ones preferred by adventure lovers and photography professionals while capturing the photos and videos from sky. Well it may be mentioned here that this quad copter does not come installed with standard stabilizing equipment. Well in this case the photographers used airy brushless Gimbal motor. Where the skill lies is positioning and maintaining the quad copters on air while the photo shoot without any sort of return vision system installed on the copter. Contesting more to their skills, the photographer mentions the weather was really gusty that day. Even while viewing the videos the propellers moving were visible at times due to the ongoing winds. According to them, the only restriction was the battery backup of the devices. No denial, a thumps up goes to technology and the photographers!

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