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Quadcopter vs Drone

With the technological advancement of devices getting enhanced almost exponentially, unmanned aircraft are one of the mostly discussed and utilized products these days. Speaking of the types, the drones, and the quad copters are some of the most heard names. Well here are some of efforts to clarify what exactly are these and how they are different from each other.

Drone: Speaking of one of the mostly heard term these days, a “drone”can simply be defined as an unmanned aircraft. When comparing with an aircraft, the flying unit seems to be autonomous and is being driven through a unit placed inside the plane. However in case of drones, the aircraft stays linked to driving unit outside somewhere that continuously drives and directs it.

Quad-copter: As compared to drones, though the basic construction of a quad core stays to be different but there lies some similarity between the two also. A quad copter, again, is an unmanned aircraft consisting of four rotors only. It should be mentioned here that there is no tail with rotors in it. Again it is being driven and directed via a unit at a distance from it.

Certain differences between them:

  1. Drones have a wide aspect of usage and utilization whereas the quad copters are mainly used as a toy or at times for business with limited scope.
  2. Quad-copters should be linked to some systems driving them limiting their scope of utilization whereas drones can be semi-autonomous devices, thus widening there area of usage.
  3. Coming to the number of flying rotors, quad copters consists of four rotors enabling it to fly whereas the flying rotors in a drones are less as compared to a quad copter
  4. Well summing up, it can be well said quad copters are simply some restricted version a drone.

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