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Dromida Ominus quadcopter review

This thing is so much fun! You can fly it outside too if there is no wind. It has multiple flight modes and can even fly upside down. In the beginner mode its nice and steady. This thing can take a beating too. Its bigger than some other indoor models and can fly pretty fast. I have some other indoor RC toys and this one is the best so far. Wish it had a little camera. Comes with the quad, radio, lipo with USB charger and an extra set of blades. Note that the blade shafts don’t connect directly to the motors but instead use a brass gear that meshes with what appears to be a plastic gear. I can see that if you bounce this thing off of walls you might strip out one of the motor gears. Maybe. This thing is built pretty tough though. I wouldn’t suggest it for little kids. Its not as easy to fly as those little dual prop helicopters.

Beware of wind! I took off thinking the wind wasn’t too bad and wasn’t at ground level. Once I got up above rooftop the wind caught it and it went further and further away until it dropped out of sight. The motors weren’t strong enough to fight it. Not the products fault, mine. Just a warning if you fly this outdoors. I loved this little quad so much though that I’m going to get another one.

I decided to order another one of these and I chose one sold by Amazon. Well it arrived in a previously opened package, the batteries were already installed in the transmitter, the manual was missing and the quad didn’t power on at all. It was obviously a return. Very surprised and very disappointed. They are shipping me a replacement that will take 2 days to get here when I paid extra for next day shipping on the 1st one. 🙁

by Scott B.

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