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What is a Quadcopter?

what-is-a-quadcopterQuadcopter is basically Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as a most general description. Quadcopters have many multiple uses these days and different customers buy it for different purposes. They are used by certain law enforcers, aerial photographers, scientific researchers and hobbyists. Most of the recent quadcopters come with a built-in camera and therefore are put to many professional uses. You can check our Quadcopters with Camera for category for detailed investigation. A quadcopter can hover at a decent height above the ground and this is the reason why it’s preferred over a remote controlled plane.

Quadcopter pros

Today’s quadcopters are very simple to use and anyone can use it with a little know-how of quadcopter technology. Since the popularity of quadcopters has now risen by many times so have increased the rules governing its use. In the United States, NPS or national park service has put a ban on quadcopters in all parks because of security and other issues.

Quadcopter cons

However, quadcopters can be flown in most of the areas including home backyards, city and state parks. Most of the quadcopters have an average battery life of 15-30 minutes. To boost up the battery life and performance of the quadcopter, the original battery can be replaced with new fully charged batteries. Please check our Portable Power page for best selling outdoor charging kits.

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