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Quadcopter records itself saved from drowning

Zwier Spanjer bought himself a shiny new drone aircraft recently, and on his very first day playing with his new toy, disaster struck. While flying the DJI Phantom 2, Spanjer apparently neglected to keep track of the battery level, which caused the drone to lose power and go into emergency landing mode. Unfortunately, the location it chose for landing happened to be a small pond.

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Dromida Ominus quadcopter review

This thing is so much fun! You can fly it outside too if there is no wind. It has multiple flight modes and can even fly upside down. In the beginner mode its nice and steady. This thing can take a beating too. Its bigger than some other indoor models and can fly pretty fast. I have some other indoor RC toys and this one is the best so far. Wish it had a little camera. Comes with the quad, radio, lipo with USB charger and an extra set of blades. Note that the blade shafts don’t connect directly to the motors but instead use a brass gear that meshes with what appears to be a plastic gear. I can see that if you bounce this thing off of walls you might strip out one of the motor gears. Maybe. This thing is built pretty tough though. I wouldn’t suggest it for little kids. Its not as easy to fly as those little dual prop helicopters. Continue reading Dromida Ominus quadcopter review

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What is a Quadcopter?

what-is-a-quadcopterQuadcopter is basically Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as a most general description. Quadcopters have many multiple uses these days and different customers buy it for different purposes. They are used by certain law enforcers, aerial photographers, scientific researchers and hobbyists. Most of the recent quadcopters come with a built-in camera and therefore are put to many professional uses. You can check our Quadcopters with Camera for category for detailed investigation. A quadcopter can hover at a decent height above the ground and this is the reason why it’s preferred over a remote controlled plane.
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Best Beginner Quadcopters

You can choice best quadcopter for beginning by reading this Best Beginner Quadcopter Review. There are so many affordable entry level quadcopters and drones, but choosing the suitable one is not easy as it seems. For those who have already have remote control flying experience, Best Beginner Quadcopter is very easy to fly.

But if you are a first-time quadcopter flyer or just stepping aside to the new world of unmanned flying vehicles, then you want to find-out the Best Quadcopter For Beginners which fits your needs. The Beginner Quadcopter Kit you select should be within your budget and one that will be easy to use and set up. Fortunately, there are so many Best Quadcopters For Beginners in the market today that are suitable and for affordable prices. Continue reading Best Beginner Quadcopters

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Beaches at Sunshine coast shines with quadcopters on air

Since decades, adventure enthusiasts have been wearing cameras to capture their moves. Coming to present times, GoPro cameras are all time favorites for adventure lovers and athletes of all types. The most common factor that played the most significant role behind their popularity is that the cameras are compact enough to fit in their palms allowing easy shoot of their swift and heart throbbing moves. But what about peoples who are not so adventure enthusiasts but love shooting videos and capture some really awesome adventure actions. Well no worries as they have all reasons to be happy as quad copters shoot some really fascinating video at the beaches of Sunshine Coast!

GoPro Hero 3 was one of the two cameras that have been installed under a remote controlled quad copter. Speaking of the consequent are some really stunning videos and pictures. Coming to second one, it is the high definition canon handycam that was installed underneath the quad copter. The main device that made all this possible is the DJI Phantom quadcopter. Continue reading Beaches at Sunshine coast shines with quadcopters on air

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Quadcopter vs Drone

With the technological advancement of devices getting enhanced almost exponentially, unmanned aircraft are one of the mostly discussed and utilized products these days. Speaking of the types, the drones, and the quad copters are some of the most heard names. Well here are some of efforts to clarify what exactly are these and how they are different from each other.

Drone: Speaking of one of the mostly heard term these days, a “drone”can simply be defined as an unmanned aircraft. When comparing with an aircraft, the flying unit seems to be autonomous and is being driven through a unit placed inside the plane. However in case of drones, the aircraft stays linked to driving unit outside somewhere that continuously drives and directs it.

Quad-copter: As compared to drones, though the basic construction of a quad core stays to be different but there lies some similarity between the two also. A quad copter, again, is an unmanned aircraft consisting of four rotors only. It should be mentioned here that there is no tail with rotors in it. Again it is being driven and directed via a unit at a distance from it. Continue reading Quadcopter vs Drone

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Nixie: Wearable drone can follow you and take selfies

A drone of your own: Wearable quadcopter that can follow you to take selfies and return to your wrist wins $500,000 prize

  • The Nixie wearable drone was created by researchers at Stanford University
  • Won Intel’s annual Make It Wearable competition
  • Nixie is a drone, worn on the wrist and expands at the touch of a button
  • It flies off, filming its owner using a camera, and tracking their movements
  • Firm hopes it could reinvigorate the point and shoot camera market

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Amazon Is Hiring a Pilot to Test its Delivery Drones

Company is also seeking a flight safety manager

It seems Amazon is getting serious about delivering packages to its customers via drone.

The e-tailer has posted a job listing for a flight operations engineer on its Amazon Prime Air drone delivery team. The new job, based at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, will involve working with regulatory authorities, planning out test flights and executing the flights themselves. Several years of flight test experience are required for the job.
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