Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4Ghz RC Quadcopter with 3 Axis Gyro

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One response to “Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4Ghz RC Quadcopter with 3 Axis Gyro”

  1. This is an incredible tough liltte flying machine and a great way to get in to the world of RC flying and quad copters.I have purchased various indoor and outdoor RC flying toys and this is the first one that has made it intact after the first week.First the toy, it comes with a decent 2.4ghz transmitter with a short rubber antenna which can’t break unlike the old steel ones of years gone by. The flying instructions look quite complicated but who really reads a manual anyhow and the only way to learn is by practice and it does take a while.The Quad comes fully assembled and once charged it is ready to fly. Charging time is about an hour and flight time is over 10 minutes. I think continuous fly time would be around 6 7 minutes but it will be a good few days until you can keep it in the air for over 1 minute.We have crashed this endless times, landed in the tallest of trees, got tangled in branches, my garden is now littered with long poles made out of bamboo and pool cleaners to knock this out of 12 meter high trees and still it goes on flying.It will take about 2 3 days until you get the hang of the controller (if you new to this) so if you can keep the temptation down, try and fly and hover just over head high to start off with.Re the flying, it can do amazing things it will hover in one spot, turn 360 degrees and circle, go forward and backwards (this takes a bit of time to master) it has a button to do front and side flips, everyone goes ahhhhhhhh when you do them.The highest I have taken this up is around 33 meters (about a 100 feet), I don’t think it will go much higher and the wind at that height gets a bit strong and I’m scared in may just fly away so I haven’t ventured that high for too long.My longest continuous flight so far, after a week, is about 4 minutes long.after a week, there are still one or two buttons that I’m not sure exactly what they do, I think they may be to assist with the stabilizing it is quite important when starting up to start it on a very level surface, if not, it just won’t fly nicely.I have also managed to fly it with a keychain spy camera, so it can do some basic FPV photography and its quite fun getting a birds eye view of your property.If it survives another week of trees and crashing (though crashing a lot less now)then I will buy more batteries as once you get the hang of flying then waiting an hour to recharge can get a bit frustrating.

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